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Free DISC Personality Test
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Free DISC Personality Test
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Learn about the DISC model.

Get your Free DISC Personality Test. This free personality test gives you an an estimate of your DISC profile based on your answers to 12 short questions.

Since each person's style is a blend of the four primary DISC styles, you might have more than one strong style trait.

Depending on your answers, you might get an estimate that reveals one strong trait, two strong traits, or three strong traits. Some people might even receive an estimate that all of the traits are nearly equally present. Any of these results is perfectly normal.

Fun and Free DISC Personality Test

If you are ready to have some fun with this Free DISC Personality Test, just click on the link to the right, and it will take you to our site with the newest version of our Free DISC Profile.

We hope you enjoy what you learn.

This test is just for fun. It will give you an estimate of your personality traits. What it won't do is give you a statistically validated, highly accurate picture of your style blend. If you want a highly accurate assessment and a full report on your DISC style, you can upgrade your DISC assessement to the comprehensive version on that site.

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